Are you ready for automated entry?

Automated Entry through Prime Park starts 1st July 2024 at Sydney Markets Flemington

How to access Prime Park?

Where can I get help using Prime Park?

There are a number of ways to get help using Prime Park;
  • All SML Tenants can download the user guide: CLICK HERE
  • All SML Buyers and staff of tenants can download the user guide: CLICK HERE
  • SML Concierge staff are available to assist you, every morning from 5 am throughout the Markets
  • Email support is available from

Final days to register

It is important to note that if you are not registered for Prime Park and have not purchased your pass by 30th June 2024, you will be required to pay a daily entry fee of $11 per vehicle from Monday to Friday, or $2 per vehicle on Friday (from 9:30am), Saturday, and Sunday to enter the Markets.

We encourage all Stakeholders to register early to ensure seamless market access.

Thank you for your cooperation.