29 January - 4 February 2024 update Sydney Market that includes availability and price of seasonal fruits, vegetables and flowers. Also includes recipe suggestions.



Enjoy the new season's wholesome Royal Gala apple priced at $5-$6 a kilo. Known for their vibrant red and yellow hues, these apples boast a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.

In the heat of the day, nothing is more thirst-quenching than a slice of juicy chilled melon. Watermelon ($1.50-$3 a kilo, depending if it is whole or cut), yellow-fleshed champagne melon ($2.50-$3 a kilo) and the extra small mini lee melons are delicious eating and despite their sweet taste, melons are very low in kilojoules (expect to pay $3-$5 each).

This week, we have an abundance of gorgeous Genoa figs available. To enjoy their optimal freshness, it is recommended to keep figs at room temperature and consume them within a day of purchase. For longer storage, place them in a single layer within an airtight container in the fridge and make sure to use them within two days. These delightful figs are priced between 50c and $ 3, depending on size and quality.

Large, tasty rockmelons from Hay and Griffith are naturally sweet and fragrant. Rockmelons are $5-$7 each this week.

Wondering why lemons are expensive now? Three main reasons: citrus trees have a biennial cycle, resulting in uneven supply; in Australia, lemons are most plentiful in winter, and their availability is currently reduced; heavy rainfall in Victoria and Queensland has impacted harvests. Moreover, there's a decline in lemon imports from the USA, with reduced lemon supply driving up prices, exploring alternatives like Australian limes as a more cost-effective choice. Limes are $-$ each or $5-$7 a kilo.

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to new-season grapes from the Sunraysia. Select from seeded and seedless varieties, with grape colours ranging from pale green, pink or black. Varieties include Flame, Ivory, Menindee, Ralli, Mid Night Beauty, Sweet Celebration and Sapphire. Grab a bunch for $5-$16 a kilo, depending on the variety.

Dino melons are similar in size and shape to honeydews; these melons have a smooth, firm, and thin rind with a white to ivory base that is covered in light and dark green striping, specks, and spots. The flesh of the melon is crisp and tender, and its taste is exceptionally sweet with notes of honey and pear. You can try them this week for $5.50-$7 each.

It’s time to make the most of succulent vibrant plums by adding them to a refreshing summer salad. Explore their versatility by serving roasted plums alongside crisp pork belly or stewing them for delightful fruity crumbles and pastry fillings. With a variety of plums in season, prices range from $4 to $15 per kilo, depending on the specific variety and size.

Snap up the last of the Tasmanian cherries – it’s been an exceptionally good season with fruit quality better than last year, with the season finishing up soon – enjoy fresh Aussie cherries this week for $-$ a kilo, depending on variety and size.

New seasonWilliams' and Silvana pears from Shepparton in Victoria are sweet, juicy and flavoursome. Depending on the size, William’s pears are $3-$5 a kilo. Add flavoursome pear slices to salads, team with rocket, parmesan and toasted walnuts or bake a batch of these moist and delicious pear and pecan muffins for a back-to-school treat.

The smooth and creamy avocado you can get at this time of year is the Reed avocado from the Sunraysia area. Currently in season, these round-shaped avocados are of excellent quality and are priced affordably at $2-$3 each.

With its fragrant, tangy, and tropical taste, passionfruit complements peaches, nectarines, mangoes, pineapples, or berries when served alongside a scoop of ice cream. Passionfruit is available at 50 cents to $1 each, or you may find specials on multi-buys at your local greengrocer.

Golden and white-fleshed peaches and nectarines, bathed in sun-ripened goodness, are currently in their prime. With prices ranging from $5 to $12 per kilo, depending on size and flesh colour, these fruits boast rich flavours. The Golden Queen variety, distinguished by its large golden skin and flesh, has made its debut, presenting a beautiful option for preservation or poaching.



This week, as the kids head back to school, I want to highlight two nutritious and convenient vegetables that are perfect for packing in their lunchboxes. Kids love veggies with a satisfying crunch, so consider opting for snacking carrots – these are specially-bred baby carrots that are extra small, delicious, and crisp. You can find them in punnets, priced at $-$ for 250g. Pair them with a small container of dip, such as hummus, for a delightful snack. Another excellent option is baby cucumbers or Qakes, available at $-$ per punnet.

Nutrient-rich kale is a favoured option for green juices, stir-fries, or as a shredded addition to frittatas and omelettes. Include a generous bunch in your shopping list, priced at only $1.50-$3.

Zucchinis take on a new life when barbecued. Slice lengthwise into 2 or 3 slices, spray with olive oil and barbecue on the grill for 2-4 minutes. Zucchinis are $4-$7 a kilo. Try this char-grilled zucchini, rocket & prosciutto salad.

Most tomatoes are retailing this week at $3-$7 a kilo, depending on variety. Cherry tomatoes and cherry truss tomatoes are particularly good eating and a thrifty buy.

In abundance in summer, fragrant basil pairs well with ripe tomatoes, fresh cheese like bocconcini or ricotta, and pasta. Choose vibrant basil with firm leaves and a distinct fresh aroma. Basil is $3-$4 a bunch.

Glossy-skinned eggplants are a good source of dietary fibre. They also provide vitamin B6, which plays a role in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body. The purple skin is a rich source of antioxidants. To preserve its low-fat content, bake, grill or barbecue eggplant rather than fry it. Eggplants are $3-$6 a kilo. Try our eggplant, tomato & coriander salad.

There are good supplies of new-season brushed Sebago potatoes in store this week. Sebagos are a good all-purpose potato, ideal for roasting, baking, boiling, and frying. Pick up a 5-kilo bag for $3-$7 potatoes. Loose potatoes are $2-$3 a kilo.

Snake beans from the Sydney basin are now in season and make for a cost-effective choice at $1.50-$2.50 per bunch. These beans are especially delightful this time of year, exhibiting a richer green colour, increased tenderness, and heightened flavour. Try this bok choy, snake bean & pork stir-fry.

Sought-after Asian leafy greens such as bok choy, choy sum, gai lum, and on choy/Kang Kong (water spinach) are priced attractively at $1.50-$3 per bunch. Infuse your stir-fry with these greens to not only enhance its nutritional value but also add a burst of colour and texture.


Flowers Explore a delightful array of seasonal blooms at your local floral retailer. This week's recommended selection includes fragrant tuberoses, pineapple lilies, flowering gum, lisianthus, heliconia, sunflowers, dahlias, David Austin roses, zinnias, hydrangeas, zinnia, crab claws, celosia, Siam tulips, queen anne lace, water lilies, amaranthus, lupins, gerberas, and an extensive variety of greenery. For optimal vase life, don't forget to trim the stems and refresh the water every two days.

Please note that the prices quoted in this report only apply for the current week and are subject to variation based on product variety, size, quality, and the trading area. For more information, please feel free to contact Sue Dodd, Marketing Consultant, at 0438725453

Published On 2024-01-29 15:41:00

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