31 JULY - 6 AUG 2023



Citrus fruits take centre stage, with vibrant ruby-fleshed blood oranges stealing the show. Delight in their firm, orange-red skin and the raspberry-coloured juice, a refreshing thirst quencher, or a delectable addition to citrus and honey syrup-poached pears. Snag tempting blood oranges for a mere $3-$6 a kilo, the price varies with size and quality. As an alternative, the ever-reliable navel oranges are yours for $3-$6 a kilo.

For an infusion of freshness and tang, succulent lemons are a must-have. Allow their zesty essence to reduce richness in dishes, elevate flavours, and impart a tantalizing tang to meals. Teamed with garlic and thyme, lemons work wonders on a tray of roasted veggies, elevating it to newfound deliciousness. Find these culinary gems at your local greengrocer, priced between $3-$5 a kilo, depending on their size and quality.

Who can resist the allure of cooked apples? Let your taste buds dance as you savour a delectable apple slice, scrumptious apple crumble, or a tantalising salted caramel apple tart. Embrace the cooler months by showcasing crisp apples in your fruit bowl, a perfect time to enjoy so many varieties. Most apples are on sale for $4-$10 a kilo.

Indulge your sweet tooth with succulent Medjool dates, their soft, caramel-like flesh tempting you to enjoy them as a sweet snack or as a delightful addition to cakes and puddings. For a luscious treat, stew them to serve with your morning porridge. Select plump, shiny, dark brown Medjool dates, ranging from $15-$30 a kilo, depending on their grade.

Enjoy the versatility and thrifty appeal of curvy pears, perfect for use in sweet and savoury combinations. Pair them harmoniously with an array of ingredients, from gorgonzola cheese and almonds to rosemary and cinnamon. At just $3-$5 a kilo, pears offer so many delicious possibilities.

Tangy, zesty tangelos are the perfect substitute for oranges during the winter season. Let their juice and flesh elevate your recipes to new heights, such as a quick salad with baby spinach leaves and walnuts. Laden with beneficial vitamin C, tangelos are priced between $4-$7 a kilo.

For a cost-effective yet nutrient-rich option, turn to the ever-reliable bananas. These creamy delights contain no fat, offering a mere 501kJ or 120 calories, akin to cottage cheese. Grab a bunch for $3-$5 a kilo, the price varying with size and quality.

Indulge in the delightful sweetness of Queensland strawberries, a rich source of fibre. Enjoy these sweet delights for around $3-$5 a punnet, depending on variety and size. For a quick and warming dessert, try the super easy, quick roast strawberries .

Dress up winter salads with sliced or diced avocados. The nutty-flavoured Hass avocados are plentiful and sell for $1.50-$3 each, depending on size. For a quick salad, team sliced avocado with blood orange segments and wild rocket, drizzle over olive oil and lemon juice.


Vegetables South Australian-grown cocktail size, Royal Blue potatoes are oval-shaped with purple skin and yellow flesh. They are known for their versatility and are suitable for various cooking purposes, such as making mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, and chips. Pick a kilo up from your local greengrocer for $3-$3.50 a kilo.

With its crisp texture and remarkable versatility, celery is an absolute must-buy at an affordable price of just $2-$3 per bunch.

Get creative with the earthy sweetness and ruby-red allure of beetroot. Roast or steam them to perfection and team them with an array of delightful ingredients. Grab a kilo of large beetroot or a bunch of smaller bulbs for $4-$5, and treat yourself to a flavour-packed roast beetroot salad.

Zucchini may be mild tasting; however, this attribute also makes them highly versatile and perfect for combining with a myriad of flavours to create scrumptious home-cooked meals like Mexican-style stuffed zucchinis with avocado or zucchini & parmesan frittata. Pick up a kilo of zucchini this week for $3-$5 a kilo.

Warm your soul with roasted, pan-fried, or braised fennel, boasting its mild aniseed flavour. Look for plump bulbs with fresh-looking feathery fronds attached, and enjoy this versatile vegetable's mild aniseed taste that sweetens on cooking. Fennel comes at a bargain of $2-$3 per bulb.

For flavourful stir-fries, pick up quality Asian greens, including bok choy and pak choy, each adding a delightful texture and colour to your dishes. Priced between $2-$3 a bunch, these greens are fast to cook and perfect for your culinary adventures.

Discover the goodness of Brussels sprouts, brimming with flavour and nutrition. Priced between $4-$7 a kilo, they lend themselves splendidly to a flavoursome stir-fry or air fry halved Brussels until crispy.

Indulge in the goodness of cauliflower, roasting it with spices and adorning it with a tahini yoghurt dressing. Or savour its creaminess in a delightful cauliflower, leek, and bacon soup. At $3-$4 each, cauliflower is a good buy in both flavour and nutrition.


Flowers Finally, why not brighten up your surroundings with a grand bunch of seasonal flowers? Whether it's pierus, ranunculi wattle, stock, snowdrops, freesia, calla lily, tulip, banksia, allium, sea holly, flowering blossom or any other delightful variety, indulge in the superb quality of these floral treasures.

Please note that the prices quoted in this report only apply for the current week and are subject to variation based on product variety, size, quality, and the trading area. For more information, please feel free to contact Sue Dodd, Marketing Consultant, at 0438725453

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