13 - 20 May update Sydney Market that includes availability and price of seasonal fruits, vegetables and flowers. Also includes recipe suggestions.



Imperial and Afourer mandarins, prized for their seedless, sweet, and juicy flesh, are a great bargain, typically priced between $3 and $6 per kilo. Their easy-to-peel skin makes them a perfect snack for both kids and adults.

Firm avocados ripen typically in 2-5 days when left at room temperature. To check if they're ready to eat, gently press the stem end—it should yield to pressure. During the current season, Hass & Shepard avocados range from $1 to $4 each. Keep an eye out at your local greengrocer for the super-sized Avozilla - each avocado weighs in at about one kilo. Avozilla sells for around $9-$10 each, depending on size.

LemonsI bring a tangy, refreshing touch to any dish and offer versatility in the kitchen. Eureka lemons, known for their firmness and thick skin, boast a high juice content. Priced between $3 and $6 per kilo, lemons are a kitchen essential. Elevate your chicken roast by adding lemon juice for a burst of flavour. Give our roast garlic & lemon chicken recipe a try!

Juicy, sweet Queensland, NSW, and SA navel oranges are bursting with juicy goodness. They are an excellent source of vitamin C and fibre. Navel oranges retail at $3-$6 a kilo. Buy in bulk and save. Late-season Valencia oranges are still fabulous for juicing and are good value at $2-$3 a kilo.

Diversify your fruit bowl with a selection of new-season apples; enjoy various varieties such as Pink Lady, Fuji, Gala Red, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Sassy, and Bravo, all currently in season. Prices may fluctuate based on variety, size, and quality, typically ranging from $3 to $8 per kilo. Did you know? The soluble fibre found in apples, particularly in the skin, helps lower cholesterol levels, supporting heart health.

Tropical tasting passionfruit are extra fleshy and juicy at the moment. Choose fruits that feel heavy for their size. Passionfruits are a bargain at 50¢-$1, depending on size. Look for multi-buy packs at your greengrocer for savings.



Whether baked, roasted, mashed, or fried, however you prefer your potatoes, spuds are delicious and satisfying in the cooler months of the year. 5 kilo bags of brushed or washed potatoes offer extra value, $8-$10.

Cauliflower prices have eased and are now $3-$5 a head. Enjoy cauliflower roasted, grate to make cauliflower couscous, or cook, puree, and serve as a mashed potato substitute. This tip is especially useful for a low-kilojoule meal option. At $2-$4 each, cauliflowers are a delicious option for whipping up an easy cauliflower cheese or roasted spiced cauliflower with tahini yoghurt and pomegranate.

Broccoli is a true powerhouse of natural goodness; however, to preserve broccoli's vibrant colour and flavour, it's best to cook it quickly after picking. Whether you prefer classic broccoli or its more elegant cousin, broccolini, you can find them at affordable prices. Broccoli costs around $4-$6 per kilogram, alternatively, broccolini is $2.50-$4 per bunch. Enjoy these delicious and nutritious veggies in your salads, stir-fries, or roasted dishes.

Pick up chestnuts and freeze them for later, then add a flavour boost to your autumn meals. At $5-$15 per kilo, chestnuts are a versatile and healthy ingredient for various dishes, from autumn salads to roasted cauliflower and steamed Brussels sprouts. With their sweet, nutty flavour, chestnuts will make any meal special.

Discover the versatility of pumpkins. These bright and flavourful veggies are the perfect addition to your autumn meals. Whether you prefer savoury dishes like pumpkin soup, curry, roasted pumpkin salad, or sweet treats like pumpkin scones, there's a pumpkin for the job. Pumpkins are $1.50-$3 a kilo, depending if they are whole or cut.

When cooked in an air fryer with minimal effort, Brussels sprouts become crispy and flavourful; their slight bitterness turns into a delightful sweetness, making them a tasty addition to any meal. Packed with nutrients, they're versatile enough to serve as a side or in various recipes. Best of all, they are in season and available for $3 to $8 per kilo.

Carrots hold a special place in Australian households, with 89% buying them weekly. These versatile veggies are perfect for soups, roasts, stir-fries, and casseroles. Thanks to their natural sweetness, they're also fantastic in carrot cake or muffins. Premium Tasmanian carrots are available in kilo bags priced between $2 and $2.50, or you can fill your bag for $2.50 to $3 per kilo.

Continental beans, also known as Italian, Roman or flat beans, make a nice change and offer good value this week at $7-$10 a kilo.


Flowers This time of year offers a splendid array of blooms, including Iris, poppies, leucadendron, Oriental lilies, sea holly, chrysanthemums, erica, ornamental kales, stock, orchids, carnations, lisianthus, tulips, hyacinth, tiger lilies, roses, and silver dollar gum. Add a touch of freshness to your home or surprise someone special with a bouquet of seasonal fresh-cut flowers.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information, please contact Sue Dodd, Marketing Consultant on 0438725453

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