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Online Sponsorship Request Form

Important Information

  • All requests must be made 4 weeks prior to your event to be considered
  • Sydney Markets Limited does NOT deliver any requests.
  • All items must be picked up at the Control Centre located on Austin Avenue.
  • Please note, Sydney Markets Limited provides all fruit in boxes. We do not provide baskets.
  • Only Australian grown fruit and flowers in season will be donated.

Basic Information

Contact Details

Do you have a budget allocated for


Number of Pieces
Number of Stems
Sponsorship Eligibility

Thank you for contacting Sydney Markets Limited with your request for sponsorship. As you can imagine Sydney Markets Limited receives a large number of requests for sponsorship from a varied range of charities, sporting clubs, community groups, schools and multi-scale events.

Due to the sheer volume of requests we receive we are unable to provide sponsorship to all applicants so please be mindful in your request.

We ask that you read all details thoroughly and provide the requested information before submitting your request.

In return for our sponsorship, Sydney Markets Limited requests that you acknowledge and honour the following commitments. Failure to do so once you have agreed on them, will result in Sydney Markets Limited sending you an invoice for the items provided on our part.

Please select the options that you agree on providing in return for sponsorship