Tropical fruit breakfast salad

Prep 15 mins | Serves 4

250g fresh lychees, peeled and seeds removed
½ small Bethonga Gold pineapple, peeled and diced
125g blueberries
2 passionfruit, halved
1 1/3 cup muesli
2 cups Greek-style natural yoghurt
2 tbs maple syrup (optional)

Step 1 Place lychees, pineapple and blueberries into a bowl. Scoop passionfruit pulp over fruit. Gently toss to combine.

Step 2 Layer muesli, yoghurt and fruit mixture into serving glasses. Drizzle with maple syrup if using and serve.

Good for you ... Lychees

Lychees are good source of vitamin C, which contributes to the normal functioning of the body’s immune system. 100g of lychee flesh provides the recommended dietary intake of vitamin C for a day.

Lychees contribute some dietary fibre, which helps the normal function of the intestine.