Sweet potato wedges with avocado dip

Prep 20 mins | Cook 40 mins | Serves 4 as a side dish

1 kg small orange sweet potatoes (kumara), scrubbed and dried
Olive oil cooking spray
Sweet chilli sauce, to serve

Avocado dip:
1 medium ripe avocado
1 tbs lime or lemon juice
2 tbs reduced fat sour cream

Step 1 Preheat oven to 200°C/180°C fan-forced. Cut sweet potatoes lengthways into thick wedges. Arrange in a single layer on 2 large baking trays lined with baking paper. Liberally spray with oil to coat. Season with salt and pepper. Roast, tossing once, for 30 minutes. Increase oven heat to 220°C/200°C fan-forced and roast for a further 5-10 minutes until crisp and golden.

Step 2 Meanwhile, to make the avocado dip, peel, deseed and chop avocado. Place avocado and lime juice into a bowl. Mash until smooth. Stir through sour cream. Serve dip with sweet potato wedges and sweet chilli sauce.

Good for you ... Sweet Potato - Kumara
Sweet Potato - Kumara

Like other orange coloured vegetables, kumara is rich in a range of carotenoids, including beta carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A (needed to for normal vision and the structure of our skin).

A good source of vitamin C, which is needed for the normal functioning of the immune system.

A good source of vitamin E, which helps protect cells from damaging free radicals

A source of dietary fibre which is needed for the normal functioning of the intestine.