Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
4 - 10 December 2017


Naturally sweet apricots, with their velvety skin and succulent orange flesh are a popular choice at $4-$14 a kilo. Apricots are so versatile. Poach, pan-fry, use in an upside-down cake, crumble or cobbler, toss through fruit salad, barbecue or eat fresh.

Be sure to visit your local greengrocer for the most fragrant and sweetest eating peaches and nectarines. Prices range from $4-$8 a kilo, depending on size, flesh colour and quality. Ripen until fruit yields to gentle pressure at the stem end for best flavour.

Early supplies of new season plums are also available and retailing at $5-$15 a kilo, depending on variety.

Don’t miss out on luscious, juice filled lychees from the Far North Queensland. The price of exotic tasting lychees varies with variety, size of the fruit and the seed, so this week expect to pay $10-$20.

Plump and firm, new season Australian grapes are in season. Select from Flame and Menindee seedless and Black Beauty. Prices are ranging from $7-$15 a kilo.

Mangoes – select from Kensington Pride, R2E2, Calypso and Honeygold varieties prices are ranging from $1.50-$4 each, depending on variety, size and quality. Fruit is now coming from Townsville, Bowen and Mareeba.

With so much competition in the fruit bowl, bananas are the stand out bargain at $1.50-$3 a kilo. Bananas are the perfect snack or they sure make a top dessert, even a simple banana split served with salted caramel and toasted macadamia nuts is a special treat.

Recent rain throughout the cherry growing areas of NSW, VIC and SA are expected to reduce this year’s expected harvest. Cherries picked last week prior to the weekend rain are superb eating and the quality first class. We highly recommend picking up a kilo. In the short-term cherry quality and prices may vary until orchards dry out or later season varieties are available. Cherry prices are ranging from $8-$30 a kilo.

Pick up a wedge of crimson fleshed seedless watermelon for $2-$3 a kilo. Try our watermelon, rocket and haloumi salad with mint dressing.

Cherry tomatoes burst in your mouth with a pop of flavour. Add them fresh to salads or roast tomatoes to intensify their delicious flavour.


Bright and brimming with flavour green beans are delicious served with a slight crunch. Add them whole or sliced into stir-fries, blanched into a salad or serve as a side dish. The thriftiest beans are the machine harvested beans for $3-$4a kilo. Premium hand-picked beans are $8-10 a kilo. For a colourful summer combo, cook a mix of green and butter beans.

Look for plump firm capsicums with bright glossy skin. Greengrocers stock a range of colours with the rich red, yellow and orange varieties being the sweetest. Red and green capsicums are $4-$5 a kilo and yellow caps are up to $10 a kilo.

Fresh beetroot sold by the bunch is only $3-$3.50a bunch. Delicious roasted and added to a salad or whip up a homemade beetroot dip.

Eggplants eased as supplies pick up. Field grown eggplants are $2-$4 a kilo and glasshouse eggplant are $4-$6 a kilo. Enjoy eggplant, roasted, grilled or barbecued.

Leafy and easy to cook Asian vegetables are delicious steamed or added to a stir-fry. Serve drizzled with sweet chilli and ketchup manis. Pick up a bunch for $1-$2.

Mild tasting and extremely versatile zucchinis are a good buy at $2-$5 a kilo for traditional zucchinis and the paler green Lebanese zucchini are $4-$5 a kilo. Here are 5 good reasons to try zucchini spaghetti, also known as zoodles.

Lebanese cucumbers are $2-$3 a kilo. For quick and easy party nibbles, be sure to have a few crunchy Lebanese cucumbers on hand. Simply slice and top with smoked salmon or trout, crème fraiche, a sprig of dill and crackled black pepper. Alternatively serve up our tasty Asian cucumber, prawn & chilli noodle salad.

Low GI kumara (sweet potato) is delicious mashed with grated new season ginger and a pinch of allspice. Perfect served with roast beef or chicken. Kumara is $2-$5 a kilo.


Give your home a festive atmosphere with potted poinsettia plants or vases filled with Christmas bush or Christmas bells and holly. Large trumpet shaped white November lilies or oriental lilies are long lasting and affordable; other good buys include lisianthus in white, soft pink or mauve are popular, peonies are still available, calla and tiger lilies, hydrangeas, sunflowers, roses and agapanthus are all in season.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, Marketing Consultant on tel 0438 725 453.

Published On 2017-12-05 15:35:00

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