Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
9 - 15 April 2018


Crops of new season mandarins from Gayndah and Mundubbera in QLD, have started to appear in store. Fruit quality is varying from sweet and tangy to somewhat tart. Expect to pay $2-$4 a kilo. Select plump, highly coloured, glossy skinned fruit that feels heavy for size.

Kiwi berries are the size of a large grape, green in colour and fuzz free. When cut open, they look much like regular kiwifruit with emerald green colour and small black seeds arranged in a typical pattern. Their flavour is similar to kiwifruit; perhaps a bit sweeter, although sugar levels can vary. Kiwi berries are selling for $4-$5 a punnet.

The flavour of a ripe, super soft persimmon has overtones of apricot and honey. Whilst the soft flesh can be turned in to ice-cream, a mouse or fool, the most popular way to savour this autumn favourite is to simply them cut in half and scoped out the flesh with a spoon. Persimmons are $2-$4 each.

New season Kanzi and Jazz apples are $3-$8 a kilo, depending on size. Alternative $3-$6 Granny Smith are a top cooking and eating apple and Royal Gala are superb eating at $3-$6 a kilo.

There is a fabulous selection of quality grapes to enjoy this week, including, Crimson seedless, Black Sapphire, Thompson seedless, Midnight Beauty and Sultana. Grapes do not ripen off the vine, tasting a grape is the best indicator of flavour. Depending on variety most grapes are retailing at $4-$12 a kilo.

Plums mellow sweetness makes them ideal for using in sweet and savoury dishes. Late season plum varieties include September Candy are delicious eating, you can also pick up Autumn Giant, Tegan Blue, Flavour Fall, Angelina and October Sun expect to pay $3-$10 a kilo. Fresh plums are ideal for stewing to serve with yoghurt or top stewed plums with a crumble topping and bake.

Creamy Shepard avocados contain ‘good’ unsaturated fat and are the richest source of vitamin E of all fruits and vegetables. Ripe avocados yield to gentle pressure around the stem. If firm, leave at room temperature for 2-3 days. Expect to pay $2-$4 each, depending on size.


Kale is a leafy green vegetable that is packed full of nutrients and just one cup contains about 100% of your daily requirements of vitamins A, C & K. Try this simple a super tasty Kale, leg ham & haloumi frittata, it’s delicious served hot or cold. Kale is $1-$3 a bunch.

Kumara is low GI and its sweet orange flesh adds colour to the plate. Mash kumara with grated ginger and a pinch of allspice. Perfect served with roast beef or chicken. Kumara is $2-$4 a kilo.

Premium quality Brussels sprouts are loaded with goodness. Try them cut into wedges and add to a stir-fry. The saltiness of oyster sauce or the aromatic flavour of coriander teams well with Brussels sprouts. Expect to pay $3-$6 a kilo. A delicious way to serve Brussels sprouts is to roast them and serve in a salad.

Sweeter than brown, white or red onions, eschalots have a distinct well-balanced onion flavour. They’re mainly used in French and Asian cooking. Red eschalots are somewhat smaller but sweeter than the golden eschalots and are primary used in curry pastes and Asian salads and cooking. Eschalots are $10-$12 a kilo.

There is a good supply of tomatoes available this week. Truss tomatoes are $5-$7 a kilo and Salad tomatoes $2-$5 a kilo.

Silverbeet is a thrifty buy this week at $2-$3 a bunch. Sauté chopped leaves in a little olive oil and crunched garlic, or steam trimmed leaves and add to a lasagne by laying the silverbeet with the pasta sheets, and meat sauce. Silverbeet adds colour, flavour and vitamins A and C and extra iron to your diet.

Fennel is a crisp, root vegetable with a delicate aniseed flavour that complements lamb and seafood, fennel also teams deliciously with pears and plums. Serve thinly sliced fennel as an accompaniment to a hot curry or add to a Fennel, lemon and prawn risotto. Fennel is $2-$2.50 a bulb.

Crisp and crunchy Iceberg lettuce is good quality and value at $3-$4 a head. Fill lettuce cups with a spicy mince mixture.

Crunchy and super versatile celery is a top buy at $2-$3 a bunch and zucchini at $2-$4 a kilo, are a thrifty buy.

11 scrumptious ways to make the most of chestnuts. Chestnuts can be baked, microwaved, roasted, grilled, barbecued or boiled. The first and most important step is to cut a large cross into the side of the shell. This ensures that the shell is easy to remove once they are cooked. Chestnuts are $5-$12 a kilo, depending on size and variety.


The quality and range of autumn blooms is enchanting, this week you could fill your vase will dahlias, gerberas, stock, local roses, snapdragon, hyacinth, tulips, bird of paradise, bouvardia, Siam tulips, anthurium, cotton bunches, kale, celosia, gum nuts, freesia, veronica, sunflower, chrysanthemums, Easter daisy and or pink ice protea. Team with greenery like silver dollar gum, vibernum or glossy magnolia leaves.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, Retail Support Manager on tel 0438 725 453.

Published On 2018-04-10 15:35:00

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