Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
6 - 12 DECEMBER 2021


Fruit Golden Honeydew and Candy melon are in season and eating deliciously. Super sweet, these to melons have an attractive yellow coloured rind – but vary on the inside Honeydew has a creamy coloured flesh and Candy melons resemble a pale rockmelon. Depending on size, melons are $3-$5 each.

Sensational Queensland mangoes are a summer treat; choose from Kensington Pride, Calypso and R2E2. Individual fruit will range from $2.50-$5 each, depending on the variety and size. Purchasing mangoes by the tray will offer savings. For superb value, opt for a tray of mangoes for $20-$40 or a ½ tray (of 9-12 mangoes) for $15-$20 each. Looking for a make-ahead dessert for entertaining or Christmas, this mango, passionfruit and ginger nut crumb with mascarpone is an idea.

New-season yellow and white-fleshed nectarines and peaches are from the NSW North Coast, the Hawkesbury and Swan Hill. Fruit retails at your local greengrocer for $3-$10 a kilo. Some varieties of nectarines develop an attract speckle on the skin; this indicates that the fruit is high in sugar and will be sweet eating.

Packed with healthy goodness, tropical-tasting papaya from the Mossman area of Far North Queensland is a bargain this week at $3-$6 a kilo. A fragrant aroma is a good indication of good flavour. If cut, select fruit with bright-coloured, undamaged flesh.

Enjoy new season cherries. Numerous varieties are available throughout the cherry season, each with its unique combination of flavour, colour, and flesh firmness. While there will not be the volume of cherries available this year that we have enjoyed in previous years, there is a wide range of quality and prices ranging from $10-$40 a kilo. Whip up a batch of our tasty Cherry Cupcakes.

Put ultra-juicy limes on the shopping list. Add lime juice and zest to zing to drinks, marinades, sauces, and salad dressings. Drizzle over spicy noodles, fresh seafood, or whip up a batch of tangy lime curd and serve with a biscotti. Limes are $3-$6 a kilo or 30c- $1 each, depending on size.

Exotic and flavoursome, fresh lychees are a sweet summer sensation—store unpeeled lychees in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge. Expect to pay $12-$30 a kilo, depending on size and variety. One variety goes by the name Erdon Lee that is jumbo-sized and is retailing at around $50 a kilo. This size grows to 4 x the average lychee to about 52g per lychee.

Picked ripe and ready to eat, pineapples do not ripen after harvesting. Choose firm pineapples that feel heavy for their size with a sweet tropical aroma. A sizeable juicy pineapple is $3-$4 each this week.

Smooth, creamy and rich potassium, bananas are the storehouse of sustained energy for $2-$3 a kilo.

New-season Flame, Midnight Beauty and Menindee Seedless grapes are firm and bursting with flavour. Pick up a plump bunch of sweet and crunchy grapes; depending on variety and quality, grapes range in price from $7-$25 a kilo.


Vegetables A rich source of many nutrients, kale is packed with vitamins C, E and K, plus folate and beta-carotene. This crinkly-leafed green also provides iron and calcium. Strip leaves from the stems and chop, then toss in a hot pan with olive oil, crushed garlic, chopped red chilli and a scattering of currants. Heat until the kale wilts, then serve warm.

For value, taste and versatility, fresh asparagus is a winner; its delicate nutty flavour can be enjoyed raw or cooked, hot or cold and Aussie spears team deliciously with veal, pasta, seafood, prosciutto, chicken and steak.

This week, versatile celery is a bargain at $3-$4 a bunch. Add celery to stir-fries, salads or team in a classic partnership with carrot and onion and add flavour to a risotto or sauce.

Sold by the bunch with their feather green tops for $2-$3, Dutch carrots are dainty in size, thin-skinned and extra sweet in flavour. Roasting carrots intensifies their sweetness. Try using them in a salad like this roasted carrot, Medjool date and feta salad.

Telegraph cucumbers are the thriftiest buy at $2-$2.50 each.

Tomato prices remain firm due to Queensland’s wet weather impacting supply. The best buy is Cherry and grape tomatoes sold by the punnet $2.50-$4 a punnet depending on the variety.

Shorter and thicker in shape with greyish green skin, Lebanese zucchini are ideal for stuffing and can be used similarly to the popular dark green variety. The good news is that this week Lebanese zucchinis are better valued at $3-$6 a kilo.

There are many ways to enjoy eggplant, roasted, grilled, barbecued or added to a curry. Layer cooked eggplant slices with a rich tomato passata and mozzarella cheese and bake until warm and bubbly. Eggplant is a smart buy this week at $3-$6 a kilo.

Bean sprouts are delicious in stir dishes, and at $1.50- $3 for 150g packet, they add texture, taste and flavour. This quick and easy Vietnamese chilli chicken salad is flavour packed.


Flowers Splendid flowering gum is now in season, so is Christmas bush and Christmas Bells; decorate your home with red and green poinsettias available as potted plants. Miniature living Christmas trees are available from your local florist.

Peonies are still available; hydrangeas are plentiful, superb quality Sydney grown dahlias are striking. Also, in season you will find holly, Oriental lilies, achilleas, Allium (garlic flowers), agapanthus (white and purple), David Austin roses, delphinium, sea holly, sunflowers, artichoke flowers, crab claws, king proteas, chincherinchee, Leucadendron and lisianthus. Pop into your local florist and pick up a bunch.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, tel 0438 725 453

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