Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
29 January - 4 February 2018


Dry summer weather has produced a bumper crop of quality figs. Ripe fruit should yield to gentle pressure. Figs are selling for 50¢-$3 each, depending on variety and size. Buy a multi pack and save. Start your day with Figs With Ricotta, Honey & Fruit Toast.

Send the kids back to school with a generous slice of chilled watermelon in their lunch box. Whole seedless watermelon is $1-$2 a kilo, once cut fruit is $1.50-$3 a kilo.

Thirst quenching grapes are also idea for lunchbox snack. Naturally sweet and deliciously crunchy grapes are a smart buy this week at $3-$10 a kilo. Varieties include Flame seedless, Menindee seedless, Red Globe, Black Muscat and currants.

There are good supplies of extra tasty blueberries from Tumbarumba and Tasmania. Expect to pay $2-$4 a punnet.

Aromatic rockmelons from the Riverina are fantastic value at $2.50-$4 each. Serve chilled melon wedges as a snack or dessert. Rockmelon also teams deliciously savoury flavours. Rockmelon 'carpaccio' & haloumi salad.

Be sure to have a few juicy limes on hand for adding a little tang to dressings, marinades, noodles, curries and sauces. Squeeze of papaya or papaw to enhance its natural flavours. Limes at 50¢-$1 each, buy in bulk and save.

Plums are plentiful with several varieties red and yellow fleshed varieties to choose from. Plums are retailing at $3-$8 a kilo, depending on variety and size.

You can’t go passed peaches and nectarines at this time of year. Fruit is coming from Forbes, Batlow, Shepparton and Bilpin and is loaded with flavour. Choice from yellow and white flesh fruit $3-$7 a kilo. This Summer Fruit Raspberry Ice-Cream Slice is a delicious way to enjoy stone fruit and berries.


Flavour rich summer tomatoes are at their best. Salad tomatoes are $3-$5 a kilo, Truss $4-$6, Roma $4-$6 or pick up a punnet or two of bite size cherry and grape tomatoes for $2.50-$4.

In abundance in summer, fragrant basil teams well with ripe tomatoes, fresh cheese like bocconcini or ricotta and pasta. Choose vibrant basil with firm leaves and a distinct fresh aroma. Basil is $2.50-$3 a bunch.

Snakes beans continue to be a great buy. Expect to pay $2-$3 a bunch. Add them to a salad stir-fry like this Bok Choy, Snake Bean & Pork Stir-Fry.

Ultra-healthy and versatile cauliflower is a top buy with supplies coming from Bathurst and Victoria. Large cauliflowers are $3-$4 a head. Delicious roasted or grated then pan fried cauliflower is also good for your immunise system.

Zucchinis are a bargain at $3-$5 a kilo. Choose plump zucchini with glossy, unblemished skin. They’re best used within a few days. Create zucchini spaghetti, long pasta like zucchini spaghetti is low carb, gluten-free and contains fibre. Use a julienne peeler or spiralizer. 800g is sufficient for serve 4 people. Serve Zucchini 'spaghetti' with chilli, tuna & feta.

Eggplants at $3-$5 a kilo are a great buy from your local greengrocer. There are several varieties to choose from including the baby variegated eggplants. Fresh, young eggplants do not require, disgorging (salting) unless you intend deep-frying. Cut eggplant into 1 cm slices brush with olive oil and grill until soft and golden. Use in a vegetable lasagne or add to a pizza topping.

Sweetcorn is one of summer's star vegetables. Add corn to salads, salsas, fritters, pasta dishes, meat patties and rices dishes for colour and sweetness. Cobs of sweetcorn are retailing at your local greengrocer for 50¢-$1 each.

A summer barbecue is made even more delicious with mushrooms. Flats (large open mushrooms) have a rich intense flavour and meaty texture and sell for $8-$12 a kilo. BBQ mushroom, haloumi & tomato burgers are a tasty way to enjoy mushrooms.

Broccoli prices have eased to $3-$4 a kilo, Celery is a bargain at $2-$3 a bunch and Jap pumpkin $1-$2 a kilo.


Fresh flowers add style to your home and character your desk.

Visit your local florist and pick up flowering gum, gerbera, celosia, hydrangea, tuberose, crab claws, roses, sunflowers, pineapple lily, Queen Anne Lace, dahlias, snap dragons, bouvardia, oriental lilies, water lilies, amaranthus, lupins, lotus pods, and a super range of greenery. To obtain the maximum vase life, remember to trim the stems and refresh the water every 2 days.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, Marketing Consultant on 02 9325 6200.

Published On 2018-01-29 15:35:00

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