Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
23 - 29 AUGUST 2021


Fruit With their rich raspberry-red succulent flesh and sweet flavour, blood oranges are ideal for juicing. One medium blood orange yields about 1/3 cup juice. Add blood orange juice to salad dressings or sauces. Blood oranges are $3-$7 a kilo, depending on size.

Few fragrances compare with the perfume of fresh strawberries and they are now available in abundant supply. With strawberries supplies at their peak, your local greengrocer will have attractive multi-buy specials; depending on quality and size punnets will range from $1-$3 (250g punnet) 500g punnets will range from $2-$7. For maximum flavour, wash strawberries just before hulling (removing stalk).

Make a healthy blueberry fool, lightly crush blueberries and fold through natural yoghurt with a drizzle of honey or try our fresh blueberry cream scones. Loaded with health-boosting antioxidants, fresh blueberries are $2-$6 a punnet, depending on size. Look for multi-buy specials at your local greengrocer of online.

In season now until mid-summer, succulent sweet Kensington Pride mangoes are bursting with tropical flavour. Tuck into a new season mango for $3-$6 each, depending on size.

There are good supplies of papaya and papaw from Queensland tropical north. Grown around Innisfail, papaya and its yellow-fleshed cousin papaw are delicious eating and one of the best sources of protective carotenoids and rich in vitamin C. Good for fibre and aids digestion. Toss diced papaya with lime juice, chopped red chilli and coriander leaves, and serve with grilled chicken or serve slices with a squeeze of lime juice. Depending on variety prices are ranging from $4-$6 each, depending on the size.

Hass avocados are a thrifty buy at $1-$3 each, depending on size. For a quick salad, serve sliced avocado with peeled, cooked prawns, baby spinach leaves, and a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice.


Vegetables At $3-$6 a kilo eggplant is a top buy this week. Eggplants bruise easily so handle with care. This tomato, fennel and chicken one-pan dinner is a fabulous and feeds four. It’s a good dish to make a head and reheat.

Tender eating English spinach is a versatile, mild, tasty leafy green that is delicious, raw or cooked. Pop a bunch on the shopping list as it is only $1.50-$2.50 a bunch. Whip up an avocado and banana 'spinach smuggler' smoothie.

When it comes to fast and simple cooking, you can’t go past asparagus. This delicious vegetable is retailing for $3.80-$4 a bunch. Trim asparagus and blanched spears, then serve with grilled bacon, a poached egg and ground black pepper.

Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamin A, and C. To retain maximum flavour and nutrition, cook broccoli lightly. Broccoli sprigs are a healthy option for serving with dips, adding to a salad or tossed into a salad. Broccoli is $2-$4 a kilo. For a delicious and easy mid-week meal, whip up this wok-fried broccoli, red chilli & beef.

Prized by Mediterranean countries for its fresh flavour and versatility, fennel is a bargain at $1-$2 a bulb. Fennel is delicious tossed with pasta; try this easy to make fennel, tomato and Italian sausage spaghetti.

Adding fresh herbs to your meals is fabulous to impart flavour without adding more fat and salt. Use fresh dill with seafood; oregano is delicious with lamb, haloumi cheese or tomatoes. Coriander enlivens curries and stir-fries. Most herbs sell for around $2.50-$3 a bunch, except basil, which will be $4-$5 a bunch.

Premium quality large snow-white cauliflowers are a bargain at $2.50-$4 ahead. Add florets to salads and curries or make a tasty cauliflower mornay.

Enjoy the quality and flavour of market-fresh locally grown bok choy, choy sum and gai lum for $1.50-$2.50 a bunch. Toss in a hot wok and serve as a side vegetable or combine with meat for a quick, easy and healthy stir-fry.

Watercress supplies a rich source of vitamin C to your diet and makes a pleasant change to lettuce in salads as its adds a slightly peppery flavour; watercress teams well with smoked salmon, tomatoes, oranges, beetroot and egg. Grab a bunch this week is only $2.50-$3 a bunch.

In season for a very short time, delicious broad beans are a source of protein and iron, making them especially valuable for those who choose a vegetarian diet. Broad beans have a delicious nutty flavour and are a tasty addition to salad, lentil or rice dishes. Broad beans are $10-$15 a kilo.

Fresh machine-harvested green beans at $3-$5 a kilo and hand-picked beans $10-$12 a kilo. Bright and brimming with flavour green beans are delicious in stir-fries or salads.

Crisp, snow peas for Gympie are super fresh and require minimal cooking. Enjoy them finely shredded in a salad or cook for a short time to ensure they still have a crunchy texture. Handpicked snow peas are $10-$12 a kilo.


Flowers You are spoiled for choice this week as there is a superb selection of quality flowers available from your florist in spring; look for daffodils, carnations, protea, jonquils, anemone, violets, hellebores, freesia, daphne, sweet William, sea holly, sunflowers, stock, sweet peas, poppies, protea, lavender, protea, kale, orchids, blushing bride, lilies, lisianthus, roses, tulips, forget me knots or purple iris.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, tel 0438 725 453

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