Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
18 - 24 JULY 2022


Fruit The Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay region, north of Brisbane, accounts for 80 per cent of Queensland's strawberry supply in the winter. Recent colder and wet weather has slowed the harvest rate, so Queensland strawberries are still around $4-$6 a punnet; however, the fruit is very flavoursome.

Smooth, creamy, portable and nutritious bananas are always in season; this week, prices are around $3-$5 a kilo.

Oranges are plentiful, and there are a few choices to enjoy. Traditional navels oranges ($2-$5 a kilo), Cara Cara navels ($4-$7) and vibrant new season blood oranges ($6-$7 a kilo).

First discovered in Leeton NSW in 2009, Dolci Navel oranges are distinguishable by their unusual bronzy brown-green skin colour. This Navel variety is a hybrid cross of the Washington Navel; they are packed with sweet juice and are available at your local greengrocer for around $6 a kilo.

Nothing is more alluring than the warming aroma of cooking with apples. Delicious stewed with a bit of sugar and rhubarb, this mixture is perfect for

  • pie fillings,
  • served with your porridge,
  • swirl through natural yoghurt,
  • added to muffins fillings or
  • Served with custard

We teamed apple and rhubarb in a sponge pudding and highly recommend this delicious treat. Rhubarb is $5-$6 a bunch, and Granny Smith apples are $3-$6 a kilo.

Quality Hass avocados are a bargain at $1-$3 each. Their creamy texture and buttery-nutty flavour are ideal for teaming up with tomatoes, ham, prosciutto, green onions, lemon and pepper. Add avocado, citrus, and fennel to a winter salad, or serve avocados with Chilli Con Carne.

Succulent Packham and Beurre Bosc pears are fibre-rich and make the most elegant desserts. Add slices of ripe pear to a bread and butter pudding for a fruit flavour, poach pears in sugar-flavoured red wine syrup until tender or add diced pear to a muffin mix. Try our pear and pecan muffins. Pears are $2-$4 a kilo, depending on size.


Vegetables Take advantage of winter's bountiful harvest and lockdown to create a range of tempting fennel dishes that satisfy your savoury crazing’s. At $2.50-$3 a bulb. Try this fennel, leek and chickpea soup

Ultra-versatile Asian leafy greens are fabulous steamed, stir-fried, or added to flavoursome broths and noodles. Toss a medley of Asian leafy greens such as bok choy and choy sum in the wok with marinated beef or chicken for a quick and easy meal. Locally grown Asian greens are $3-$3.50 a bunch.

Chilly days call for bowls or mugs of soul-warming soups, rich in flavour and high in nutritional value. The basis too many a great-tasting soup is the delicate flavour of leeks. When caramelized, leeks add a delightful sweetness and depth of flavour. Leeks teams superbly with cauliflower, celeriac, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato and tomato. Leeks are a popular choice in winter, and prices range from $3-$3.50 each. Try our delicious leek, potato and chicken casserole.

Hydroponic lettuce is still the thriftiest salad green option at $2.99 a head; however, the good news is Iceberg lettuce prices are around 50% cheaper than they were a few weeks ago.

Pumpkin is an inexpensive vegetable that is versatile and nutritious. Toss together, steam diced pumpkin with baby spinach leaves with sesame oil and mirin, soy and lemon dressing or whip up a pot of creamy pumpkin soup. Jap and grey-skinned Jarrahdale pumpkins are sold for $3-$4 a kilo, depending id its whole or cut.

Watercress makes a pleasant change to lettuce in a salad and adds a delicious peppery flavour to a stir-fry. Watercress supplies a rich source of vitamin C to your diet and teams well with smoked salmon, tomatoes, oranges, beetroot or egg. At $2.50-$3, a bunch of watercress is good value.

The natural goodness of Brussels sprouts shines in winter. Treat them like mini cabbage, try them finely shredded and added to stir-fries, sauté with bacon or whip up a batch of these delicious brussels sprouts, chia & parmesan fritters. Brussels sprouts are sold loose and in prepacked bags at your local greengrocers; expect to pay $10-$12 a kilo.

Warm up with immune-boosting kumara is packed with vitamins and fibre. Mashed kumara is a delicious and vibrant coloured topping for a cottage pie. Kumara is $2-$4 a kilo.

Mushrooms are a powerhouse of natural flavour and goodness. Button, cup and flat mushrooms sell for $12-$16 a kilo. This mushroom, leek & chorizo pasta bake a fabulous family meal that is so easy to make.

Are you craving a sweet pick-me-up? Nibble on crunchy, naturally sweet raw carrot sticks for a nutritious energy burst without loading up on the kilojoules. For a deliciously warming lunch or light dinner, indulge in a rich, creamy carrot, chilli & ginger soup. Carrots are $1.50-$2.50a kilo.


Flowers "I must have flowers, always, and always." - Claude Monet. So, what's in season? This week your local florist will have lavender, sea holly, jonquil, paper daisy, wattle, sunflowers, bud magnolia, tulips, stock, hyacinths, carnations, Geraldton wax, blossom, kale, allium, asters, rose lily, poppies, sweetpeas and freesia and so much more.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, tel 0438 725 453

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