Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
18 - 24 JANUARY 2021


Fruit Indulge in sweet luscious Tasmanian cherries for $12-$50 a kilo. Look for plump cherries with glossy skin and green stems. Store cherries in a vegetable storage bag or a bowl covered with plastic wrap in the fridge. Wash just before eating or cooking and use within 2–3 days.

Juicy, tropical tasting lychees are so refreshing. Most lychees are selling for $12-$30 a kilo. Have you tried the super-sized Erdon Lee variety? This lychee can be four times the usual size lychees making them about 50-60 grams per fruit, sometimes they exceed 80 grams and selling for $45-$49 a kilo.

Richly coloured plums are in season and with supplies peaking in February. Plums are selling for $3-$10 a kilo, depending on variety and size. For maximum flavour, leave firm plums at room temperature until they yield to gentle pressure. Once fully ripe, eat or cook them within two days.

Tropical tasting papaya is plentiful this week and available for $3-$6 a kilo. Serve sliced with a drizzle of lime juice.

Vibrant green in colour with a subtle tangy flavour, limes are used extensively in juices and cocktails, marinades, dressings and pickles. At 50¢-$1 each depending on size. Some greengrocers will offering multi-buy specials 5-10 limes in a bag for $3. Limes are at their peak for value and quality.

Don’t miss out on the flavoursome premium quality peaches and nectarines again this week, they are great value of. The fruit is coming from Forbes, Swan Hill, Cobram, Shepparton and small quantities from Bilpin. Choose from yellow and white flesh fruit $3-$10 a kilo.

There are some top eating rockmelons out of the Riverina in the market this week. They are sweet, juicy and a bargain at $2-$3 for small melons and $3-$4 for larger-sized melons. A good rockmelon will have a characteristic melon aroma and feel heavy for its size. Try this great flavour combination rockmelon ‘carpaccio’ and haloumi salad.

Sweet and crunchy Menindee seedless grapes are a popular choice. Bag a bunch this week for around $3-$10 a kilo. We also recommend to the pink skinned Rally variety now available at your local greengrocers for $7-$12 a kilo.

Crunchy paradise pearsare bite size and most refreshing. These miniature sized pears are green in colour with an attractive red blush. Eaten crunchy, core and all, they are ideal for kids and excellent with cheese. Expect to pay $5-$6 a kilo depending on quality.

Summertime is best time for enjoying flavoursome tomatoes. Cherry, and grape tomatoes at $2.50-$3.50 a punnet. Try this delicious BBQ garlic cherry or roma tomatoes served with goat’s cheese and sourdough.


Vegetables Freshly harvested sweetcorn from the Hawkesbury area and Queensland‘s Lockyer Valley is a top buy at 60¢-$1 a cob. Whip up a batch of tasty corn fritters to serve with smoked salmon.

On choy also known as Kang kong is a leafy green veggie, sold in bunches with a mild spinach flavour. Steam or stir-fry and serve topped with garlic, shrimp or oyster sauce. On choy is a bargain at $2.50-$3 a bunch.

Add a boost of colour to your salads with shredded red cabbage. Red cabbage is $3.50-$4 a head or $3 a half a cabbage.

Add Asian leafy greens at $1.50-$2 a bunch to your healthy; and quick and easy stir-fries.

Versatile and tasty snake beans are in season and ideal for adding to your favourite stir-fries.. Stir-fry snake beans with garlic, green onions, thinly sliced rump steak and oyster or black bean sauce. Serve with steamed Jasmine rice. Snake beans are a bargain at $2-$3 a bunch.

Small, washed potatoes are ideal for making a quick and easy potato salad. This week small washed potatoes are $3-$4 a kilo or 5-kilo bags are $6-$8. Try this quick idea, potato, green bean and watercress salad.

Celery prices are back a little to $2-$3 a bunch. For maximum shelf life, store unwashed celery in an air tight container in the fridge. Try this easy salad pear, grape and chicken chopped salad.

Toss a handful of basil leaves into freshly-cooked spaghetti with chopped red chillies and extra virgin olive oil, or fresh tomato sauce. For a quick entrée, team basil with sliced ripe tomatoes, drizzle with olive oil and serve with grilled garlic bread. Basil is available for $2-$3 a bunch.

Reed avocados from South Australia are the best eating avocado to enjoy at this time of year. You will recognise them by their round almost cannonball shape. With a delicate nutty flavour and smooth, creamy flesh, they’re a top choice for easy salads, salsas and sandwiches. Leave avocados to ripen at room temperature. Now selling for $3-$5 each.


Flowers There is a plentiful supply of most summer flowers. Check out the gorgeous calla lilies available in deep purple to black shapes. Other great buys include sunflowers, crab claw, tuberoses, dahlia, sea holly, flowering gum, carnations, scabiosa, pineapple lilies, tiger lilies, gerberas, celosia, hydrangea, local roses and lisianthus.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, Retail Support Manager on tel 0438 725 453

Published On 2021-01-18 13:20:00

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