Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
16 to 22 March 2020


VegetablesNourishing and versatile carrots are thrifty at $2.50-$3 a kilo. Carrots store well kept in a plastic bag and stored in the refrigerator.

Keep an eye out for delicious and seasonal pine mushrooms, small quantities are being harvested at this time of year.

Orange-fleshed sweet potato has a sweet flavour. Rich in vitamins A and C, sweet potato makes an extremely tasty soup or try them thinly sliced and deep-fried to make interesting chips. Sweet potatoes are good value at $2-$4 a kilo.

Leeks are superb sautéed and used in egg-based dishes like quiche and frittata, they add a lovely sweetness to soups, casseroles, pies and vegetable dishes. You’ll pay $2-$3 each.

Pumpkins are a versatile, nutritious and sweet eating vegetable that are at their best value in autumn. Checkout the Jarrahdale pumpkin it roasts nicely and produces a rich coloured soup. Pumpkins are $1.50-$2 a kilo when purchased whole. Roast pumpkin is delicious hot or cold, try adding roasted pumpkin to a salad, like this roast pumpkin, chickpea, rice & barley salad.

Snake beans are simply scrumptious and so easy versatile. Add snake beans to stir-fries, pasta dishes, salads and curries. Snake beans are $2.50-$3 a bunch. Green beans are still a little short supplied so prices are ranging from $5-$7 a kilo for machine harvested and $12-$14 a kilo for hand-picked beans.

There is something inspiring about the smell of fresh herbs. Use fresh dill with seafood, basil with tomatoes, pasta and eggs and coriander enlivens curries and stir-fries. Herb butter is ideal for serving with grilled meats. Most herbs sell for around a $2-$3 a bunch. Alternatively pick up potted herbs from your local greengrocer and snip as required.

Boiled, baked, mashed, roasted, steamed or fried potatoes can absorb flavours and yet still retain their own character and distinctive flavour. Brushed potatoes are $2-$3.50 a kilo when sold unpackaged. Look for specials like a 5-kilo bag for $3-$4.

Autumn is the peak time for quality eggplants. Choose eggplant that is firm, heavy fruit has a taut glossy deeply coloured skin and a fresh green stem. Eggplants can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 week, but handle with care as they bruise easily. Eggplants are selling for $3-$7 a kilo.

Asian leafy greens like bok choy, choy sum, gai lum and Kan Kong (water spinach) are terrific value at $1.50-$2 a bunch. Add them to a healthy stir-fry for texture, colour and to boost the nutritional value.


FruitPeaking in autumn, vivid-green limes add zing to drinks, marinades, sauces and salad. Limes are in season and great value at $3-$5 a kilo or 50¢-80¢ each. Roll a lime in the palms of your hands for 30 seconds before juicing to maximise the juice yield.

New season Sheppard avocados $2.50-$4 depending on size and variety. A firm avocado will take 3-5 days to ripen, to speed up the ripening, place avocados in a brown paper bag with a ripe banana, and leave at room temperature. Did you know that Sheppard avocados will not brown once they are cut? This makes them ideal for adding to sandwiches and an ideal substitute for butter or margarine.

Pamper yourself this week and pick-up a sweet persimmon, you'll be pleasantly surprised. The unripe fruit is very astringent so wait until the fruit is soft and ripe and you will be rewarded by the powerful, sweet flavour and extra juicy texture. Persimmons are $4-$12 a kilo.

Creamy, sweet custard apples are an autumn treat. Serve segments with ruby grapefruit or oranges as a healthy dessert. Citrus fruit reduces the richness. Custard apples are $4-$10 a kilo depending on the variety.

Luscious tropical papaya is in plentiful. Start your day with a large wedge of these vitamin A and C rich fruits, enhanced with a drizzle of lime juice. Papayas are $3-$6 a kilo, depending on variety and size.

The juiciest of stone fruits, smooth-skinned plums come in many different varieties, some sweet and some slightly tart. They’re so versatile - add to salads and lunch boxes or gently poach, bake or stew. Most plums are retailing at $3-$10 a kilo, for most variety with the Queen Garnet.

Apple harvesting is underway across the country. New-season varieties fresh off the orchards include Royal Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious, Jonathon, Granny Smith and Golden Delicious. Storing apples in the crisper section of the refrigerator maintains their crunchy texture. Depending on variety apples are selling for $3-$8 a kilo.

Put grapes on your shopping list as the range and quality are superb. With over a dozen different varieties to select from including seeded and seedless varieties, juicy grapes are at their best eating in autumn. Prices are ranging from $3-$16 a kilo, depending on variety, size and colour.

New-season Williams pears from Shepparton in Victoria are sweet, juicy and flavoursome. Depending on the size, Williams pears are $2-$4 a kilo. Add flavoursome pear slice to salads, toss with rocket, parmesan and toasted walnuts or bake a batch of these moist and delicious pear and pecan muffins.

Australia grown Valencia oranges are sweet and juicy. You will notice that the skin on the Valencia orange at this time of year has a green tinge; this simply means the fruit is sun-ripened and extra sweet. Expect to pay $2-$3 a kilo. 3-kilo net bags are $5-$6 a kilo.


FlowersPink ice protea, pineapple lily, helecinia, water lily, iris, pineapple lily, hypericum, sedum, dahlia, amaranthus, dancing lady, local roses, lisianthus, bachelor buttons, asters tulips, snowberry, flowering ginger, gum nuts, celosia, sunflowers, kale, hydrangea, gumnut, chrysanthemums, pepper bush, and tiger lily.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, Retail Support Manager on tel 0438 725 453.

Published On 2020-03-16 17:25:00

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