Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
15 - 21 NOVEMBER 2021


Fruit Mango season is now at a cross over period with fruit coming from Katherine in the Northern Territory, and Mareeba mangoes harvest has just started. This week you have three varieties to choose from again Kensington Pride, R2E2 and Calypso. Mangoes are $2-$5 each, small trays of mangoes are $12 -$16 and large trays are $19-$40 depending o on the size and variety.

New-season apricots are $5-$15 a kilo. Rain in some areas has impacted the volume of premium quality fruit. You may find that some apricots develop a brown flex on the skin on ripening; this is water damage to the skin, it does not impact eating quality. Enjoy sweet, juicy apricots poached, stewed or barbecued. Save this link to this easy apricot jam.

Fragrant and juicy peaches or nectarines are irresistible? Yellow and white flesh varieties from the North Coast of NSW, Peats Ridge (Hawkesbury area), South Australia and Victoria are now available. Prices range from $4-$16 a kilo, depending on size and variety. For a quick idea try these baked peaches with almonds.

Its been a slow start to the 2021 cherry season, colder than usual, rainy weather, and labour shortages are impacting on cherries early supplies, so this week cherry prices are the same as last week, at $8-$40 a kilo, depending on the variety, quality and size.

Vivid-green limes are bursting with tangy juice, add zing to drinks, marinades, sauces and salad dressings with freshly squeezed limes. Limes prices have eased now to only 50c to $1 each.

A bumper season of superb quality Australian avocados continues to see Has avocado prices at $1-$3 each, depending on size. Enjoy avocados in salads; save this easy avocado, baby spinach and prawn salad for your next barbecue or Christmas menu.

After a fabulous run of super cheap blueberries, prices firmed up this week to $4-$6 a punnet due to wetter and cooler weather last week

The first of the season plums and Australian grapes are now available for $12-$16 a kilo. Grab a bunch of sweet and crisp Menindee Seedless or Red Flame grapes.

Cherry and grape tomatoes are plentiful and a thrifty purchase at $1.50-$3 a punnet and cherry truss tomatoes $7-$10 a kilo.


Vegetables Crunchy Iceberg lettuce is a top best seller. This popular lettuce is treasured for its crunchy layers, keeping qualities and versatility. Select iceberg lettuce that is heavy for its size with fresh-looking leaves that are firm to touch. Store in a plastic bag or container in the crisper of the fridge. Fill lettuce cups with stir-fried beef in hoisin sauce and roll up to enclose. Iceberg lettuces are $1.50-$2 each this week.

Tender, juicy and flavoursome Lebanese cucumbers are a choice buy at $2-$4 a kilo. Combine diced cucumber with ripe tomatoes, olives, thinly sliced onion and feta cheese to make a traditional Greek salad.

Continental beans also known as Italian flat beans, are a fabulous buy at $4-$8 a kilo. They have a delightful crunchy texture and a delicious flavour. Add whole blanched beans to salads, or slice and toss into a stir-fry.

Versatile and nutritious green beans are a thrifty buy. Machine harvested beans from Gatton are $3-$5 a kilo, and premium hand-picked beans from Gympie are $7-$8 a kilo. Try our healthy bean, asparagus, fennel and smoked chicken salad.

Asparagus has an abundance of nutrition packed into every spear. Asparagus is low in kilojoules and contains no fat or cholesterol whilst providing fibre. That makes it a must for any diet, including a weight loss diet. Asparagus is good value at $1.50-$2 a bunch.

Add button mushrooms to your shopping list at $8-$12 a kilo. Slice and add to a pasta dish or stir-fry. Alternatively, tread onto a bamboo skewer, marinate and barbecue. These button mushroom and bacon skewers are delicious and easy to make.

Select firm, pale green celery with crisp stalks and fresh-looking leafy tops and avoid celery with split or damaged stalks. Toss finely sliced celery with sliced green onions, chopped boiled new potatoes, capers and reduced-fat mayonnaise in a salad. Celery is retailing at $3-$4 a bunch.

Locally grown Asian leafy greens – including bok choy, choy sum and gai lum are quick to cook, versatile and super nutritious. Add them to your stir-fries for only $1.50-$2 a bunch.

Eggplants absorb flavours particularly well and team deliciously with flavours like tomato, garlic and basil. Adding gloss black-skinned eggplant to the chargrill to cook imparts an extra smoky flavour. Premium glasshouse grown eggplants are $4-$8 a kilo.


Flowers Spring is the peak time for a superb range of colourful blooms. In season flowers include local roses, hydrangea, peonies (all colours), foxgloves, lisianthus, dahlia, smoke bush, kangaroo paw, chincherinchee, king protea, delphinium, lilac, fragrant boronia, Geraldton wax, oriental lilies, Canterbury bells, David Austin roses, kangaroo paw, flannel flower, alstroemeria, iris, pincushions, gerbera and gladioli.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, tel 0438 725 453

Published On 2021-11-15 14:57:00

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