Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
15 - 21 MARCH 2021


Fruit Autumn heralds the arrival of a range of new season apples. Fuji, Jonathon, Royal gala, Redlove and Mi apples have been available for a few weeks now, but this week are joined by fresh Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Rocket varieties. Crisp and flavoursome apples make a healthy snack; they add a delightful crunch and flavour to a salad or turn apples into a satisfying dessert like this apple and pear buttermilk cobbler. Apples are $3-$8 a kilo.

Talking of pears, you can now choose from Williams, Buerre Bosc, Corella and Packham pears. Pears should be purchased firm and ripened at room temperature. If cooking with pears, slightly-firm under ripe pears are best. Depending on variety and size, pears are ranging in price $3-$6 a kilo.

Creamy, sweet custard apples are an autumn treat. Serve segments with ruby grapefruit or oranges as a healthy dessert. Citrus fruit reduces the richness. Custard apples are $7-$10 a kilo, depending on the variety.

Discover aromatic and flavoursome guavas; their vibrant pink flesh, when ripe, has a granular yet creamy texture. Peel, cut in half and remove seeds, enjoy added to fruit salad, poach, juice or turn in to conserve or exotic tasting jelly. Guavas are $2.50 - $3 each, depending on size.

Pomegranates are increasingly being recognised as a rich source of antioxidants and adored for their dynamic ruby coloured nectar and arils. Pomegranates are in season and only $3-$7 each. This tasty butternut pumpkin, spinach and pomegranate rice salad is a fabulous picnic or lunchbox idea.

Pick-up a sweet persimmon (also known by its varietal name Fuji fruit) are honey-sweet right now. Sweet persimmons can be enjoyed firm and crisp and make a tasty addition to salads and cheese boards. Try one this week for only $3-$4 each.

Put succulent and sweet figs on your shopping list as they are in season and only 50¢-$2.50 each, depending on the variety and size. Premium figs need little embellishment; however, they are delicious served with salty flavours like feta, ricotta and gorgonzola cheese, labneh, prosciutto, pancetta and nuts.

Papples are the juicy new star now available at your greengrocer. Developed in New Zealand and grown in Victoria, papples are round like and apple and crisp and juicy like a nashi. Papples are $5-$7 a kilo.

There is an impressive range of grapes at your local greengrocer this week. Quality grapes are $4-$10 a kilo, depending on the variety.

Juicy autumnal coloured plums are bursting with colour and flavour and are a healthy choice at $3-$15 a kilo, depending on the variety. Team plums with berries or new season apples and whip up a tasty baked plum crumble.


Vegetables Kale is a super nutritious leafy green that is delicious and easy to prepare; toss trimmed leaves into a stir-fry, soup or roast in the oven to make kale chips. Kale is an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, including iron. Kale is a thrifty buy a $2-$2.50 a bunch.

Home pickling olives is a long-held tradition in many cultures. While it is a bit time consuming, it is gratifying and ultimately a delicious experience. Green olives are plentiful right now, so gather up your jars and start bottling.

Fill a brown paper bag with healthy mushrooms and try these quick and easy mushroom and lamb burgers. Typically when making burgers or even meatballs for that matter, breadcrumbs and an egg are used as a filler or binder; however, adding super nutritious and tasty, finely chopped up mushrooms to your will boast the flavour, reduce the kilojoules and add for nutrition your meals. Button mushrooms are $9-$12 a kilo.

Orange-fleshed sweet potato has a sweet flavour. Rich in vitamins A and C, sweet potato makes a delicious soup or try them thinly sliced and deep-fried to make tasty chips. Sweet potatoes are good value at $2-$4 a kilo.

Brown onions are a thrifty buy at $2-$3 a kilo. Brown onions are less pungent than white onions and ideal for adding depth of flavour. Team caramelised brown onions with naturally sweet kumara to make a delicious savoury kumara and caramelised onion tortilla; this slice is perfect for the school lunch box.

Roast pumpkin is delicious and served hot or cold. Roast pumpkin with the skin on or off it is a personal choice, but try sprinkling it with fresh herbs, Moroccan spice mix, or a combination of chilli and garlic embellish pumpkins, natural sweetness. Jap, butternut and Jarrahdale pumpkins are plentiful and, if purchased whole, are selling for around $1-$1.50 a kilo.

Cucamelons; also known as Mexican cucumbers, are small juicy morsels that resemble tiny, mottled green-skinned melons that are the size of a large grape. It is similar in taste to a cucumber with a touch of sourness. Add sliced or halved cucamelons to salads, salsas or tacos fillings, sold in 100g punnet, they have a short season, so enjoy them now.

Cauliflowers thrive in the cooler autumn weather and is good value at $3.50-$4 each. This fabulous snow-white brassica is ultra-delicious when crumbed and served as cauliflower 'popcorn' with avocado and bean smash tacos.

Autumn eggplants come is a delightful range of varieties and skin colours ranging from white, mauve, variegated or stripy and deep purple. Whip up an Italian eggplant salad: Team barbecued or char-grilled eggplant with sliced bocconcini, chopped cherry tomatoes, rocket and basil with a drizzle of basil pesto. Eggplants are a thrifty buy at $3-$6 a kilo.

Celery is economical, healthy and modestly delicious. Raw celery is crisp, tasty and low in kilojoules. Serve celery sticks with peanut butter, whip up a creamy celery soup or add flavour and fibre to an autumn pear, grape and chicken chopped salad. Celery is $2-$4 a bunch.


Flowers Autumn flowers are top quality; there is a super array of flowers to select from including; gladioli, veronica, pink ice protea, billy button, pineapple lily, Siam tulips, sunflowers, roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, hanging amaranth, lisianthus, dahlia, flamingo celosia, oriental lilies, sedum, sunflowers, local roses, tulips, hydrangea, hanging amaranth, dancing lady, smoke bush, tiger lily, Easter daisies, carnations, gerberas, bouvardia and tuberoses.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, tel 0438 725 453

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