Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
14 - 20 DECEMBER 2020


Fruit Sweet and juicy mangoes bring a lush tropical taste to your summer table. Select from Kensington Pride, R2E2, calypso and Honeygold varieties. Mangoes are now coming from Townsville, Bowen and Mareeba. Team mangoes with prawns in this mango, cucumber and herb prawn salad or finely dice mango, red onion, chilli and toss with chopped coriander to make a tasty salsa to serve with barbecued chicken or pork. Prices are ranging from $2-$5 each, depending on variety, size and quality. Buy in bulk and save half and full trays of makes are available at your local greengrocer at great prices.

Greengrocers are filling with highly fragrant peaches and nectarines, which are sure to delight your senses. Prices range from $3-$10 a kilo, depending on size, flesh colour and quality. Select from white and yellow flesh fruit, many varieties are now the slip stone varieties making them ideal for summertime desserts like this char-grilled peaches with coconut sour cream and honey.

Glossy, summery Australian cherries are a quintessential part of the festive season. With so many different varieties coming from a wide area the includes Young, Orange, South Australia and Victoria there is sure to be a quality, size and price range to suit everyone. Cherries are ranging in price from $7-$40 a kilo.

New-season grapes are firm and bursting with flavour. Grab a bunch of Flame or Menindee seedless for $4-$12 a kilo.

Fresh lychees are a sweet summer sensation. The price of juicy, exotic tasting lychees varies with the size of the fruit and the seed. Small seed varieties such as Fay zee siu are selling for approx. $12-$20 a kilo, while large seed varieties such as Bengal have less flesh and are available for $15-$25 a kilo.

Fresh berries make the ultimate simple summer dessert. Select from blueberries at $4-$5, blackberries at $4, raspberries $4-$6 or strawberries at $2.50 -$4 a punnet. Extra-large strawberries sold by the plate are around $10.For a make-ahead festive dessert whip up this berry and ricotta tiramisu pudding. Berries are at their very best for value and quality in December.

Apricots are a summer favourite. Prices for apricots are varying from $3-$10 a kilo, depending on size and variety.

Now is a good time to enjoy Queensland grown Candy melons. Renowned for their excellent sweetness, orange-fleshed Candy melons have a texture similar to honeydew melon and are crisp and juicy. Look for golden rind Candy melons at your local greengrocer this week for $2-$4 each.

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to tomatoes this week. Truss tomatoes are plentiful and $2-$5 a kilo. Cherry tomatoes are $2-$3 a punnet. Yellow grape tomatoes are $2-$5 a punnet, baby truss tomatoes are $3-$6 a kilo, flavoursome heirloom tomatoes are $7-$10 a kilo and colourful medley mixed tomatoes punnets are $3-$5


Vegetables Crisp and crunchy Iceberg lettuce is a healthy and good value choice this week at $2-$2.50.

Broccolini is a good buy at $2.50-$3 a bunch. Fast and easy to cook, serve broccolini warm with a dressing or toss cold through a salad. Broccoli prices are firmer this week at $4-$5 a kilo.

Sweetcorn is a family favourite that is fast to cook. Wash corn cobs, place in a single layer in a microwave-safe bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes (per cob) until just tender. Stand to cool for 5 minutes before serving. Serve corn cobs with a tasty topping like a Parmesan, lemon and parsley, Mexican avocado and lime or a classic Garlic butter. Sweetcorn is good value at $1-$1.20 a cob.

Asparagus is still great value at $2.50-$3 a bunch. Add to fresh and light salads, serve with poached eggs, or toss in a hot wok and stir-fry.

Give your cooking a boost of flavour with fresh herbs. Sprinkle fresh thyme sprigs across roasted vegetables, add sage and parsley a meat stuffing’s. Serve a generous amount of basil leaves with, extra virgin olive oil, sliced heirloom tomatoes and black olives, to serve as a side dish. Fresh herbs are $2-$3 a bunch.

Summer is the time to enjoy eggplants. Great for soaking up flavours eggplant is delicious roasted, grilled, barbecued or baked. Eggplants are $3-$6 a kilo. Adding barbecued eggplant to home-made burgers imparts and pleasant texture and delightful smoky flavour. Try this Lebanese char-grilled eggplant and tomato salad.

Summer is prime time for crispy, crunchy beans. Toss steamed baby green beans in a salad with shaved baby fennel, parmesan cheese and halved cherry tomatoes. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. Season to taste and serve with fish. Premium hand-picked beans are the best buy this week at $6-$10 a kilo.

Asian leafy greens are a busy cook’s best friend; they are fast to cook, nutritious and versatile. Slice and add to stir-fries and noodle dishes or steam and serve as a side dish topped with fresh ginger and soy sauce. Asian leafy greens are $1-$1.50 a bunch. Use within 1-2 days of purchasing.

Refreshing and super crunchy Lebanese cucumbers are a top buy at $2.50-$3 a kilo.

Let zucchini take centre stage with this week as they are only 3-$6 a kilo. Versatile zucchini are fabulous to use recipes – including salads, curries, frittatas and even cakes.

Red and green capsicums prices are back a little this week. Red capsicums are the sweetest eating. Add capsicum to pizza toppings, salads, stir-fries, char-grill or stuff with a meat and vegetable filling and bake until tender. Capsicum are $5-$8 a kilo. Serve this colour dish roasted capsicums with tomatoes and feta as a side dish or for a light vegetarian meal serve with a leafy green salad.

With whole cauliflowers now available for $4-$5 per head it would be the perfect time to test out this recipe whole roasted spiced cauliflower with tahini yoghurt and pomegranate. This cauliflower dish is an ideal to serve on Christmas Day for the vegetarians, but we think everyone will enjoy flavoursome and impressive dish.


Flowers Give your home a festive atmosphere with potted poinsettia plants or vases filled with Christmas bush or Christmas bells. Large trumpet shaped white November lilies or oriental lilies are long-lasting and affordable; other good buys include lisianthus in white, soft pink or mauve are popular, peonies are still available, calla and tiger lilies, hydrangeas, sunflowers, roses and agapanthus are all in season.

Other in seasonal lines include viburnum berry, trix, gloriosa, hydrangea, hypericum, Xmas alstroemeria, Spider orchids, malacca palm, Sims, anthurium flower, roses, calla lily (yellow), gerbera's, tiger lily and snow in the mountain (an attractive foliage). This is most likely the last week for Aussie grown peonies.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, Retail Support Manager on tel 0438 725 453

Published On 2020-12-15 11:35:00

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