Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
11 - 17 February 2019


FruitSweet eating seedless grapes such as natural sultana, Thompson and Menideee Flame varieties and baby currant grapes are in season. Depending on variety, grapes are ranging in price from $4-$10 a kilo. Of special note look out for the new Cotton Candy grapes they taste like pink fairy floss and Sweet Celebration. Expect to pay $10 -$12 a kilo for this variety.

Luscious, sweet figs are sublime. Figs team equally as well with savoury foods such as nuts, meats and cheese as they do with sweet ingredients such as citrus and chocolate. Enjoy quality figs for 50¢-$2 each.

Full-flavoured rockmelons from the NSW Riverina are a bargain at $2-$4 each depending on the size. A good rockmelon will have a characteristic melon aroma and feel heavy for its size.

Make the most of late season peaches and nectarines; both the white and yellow flesh varieties are still available for $3-$8 a kilo. Golden Queen peaches are in season and fabulous for preserving at $3-$6 a kilo. Late season peaches are delicious roasted, poached or baked. Try these Baked Peaches With Almonds.

Juicy, sweet and economical Williams’ pears are tasty addition to a salad. Place slices of firm pear to a salad bowl, toss in rocket leaves, toasted walnuts and shaved parmesan. Drizzle with lime juice and olive oil and toss. Williams’ pears are $3-$4 a kilo, depending on size. This variety ripens from an attractive green to a buttery yellow colour in 2-3 days and need to be eaten quickly. Try these Pear & Muesli Muffins.

Limes are plentiful and top value at $3-$7 a kilo or 30¢-80¢.

Snap up a bargain with juicy Valencia oranges. Whilst the skin colour will be tinged with green pigment at this time of year the fruit is loaded with juicy and a generous serving of vitamin C. Valencia oranges are $2-$3 a kilo. Many greengrocers offer a 3-kilo net bag at specials prices like $3-$5.


VegetablesVictorian sweetcorn is a thrifty buy at 50¢-$1 a cob and field grown red capsicums are $4 a kilo.

Delicious roasted, baked or fried eggplant adds the smoky flavour to salads or pizza toppings or use layers of sliced grilled eggplant instead of pasta in lasagne. Eggplants are $4-$7 a kilo, the thriftiest buy will be the field grown eggplant. Try these tasty Eggplant schnitzels.

Zucchinis are better value this week. Depending on size zucchini are $3-$5 per kilo. Grated zucchini is perfect for adding to a pasta sauces or sauté sliced zucchinis with crushed garlic until tender. This Zucchini, Tomato & Basil Spaghetti With Ricotta is an easy mid-week meal.

Slender, fleshy and dark green in colour, snake beans are tender, mild-flavoured and versatile. Snake beans are at their peak freshness and value early autumn and selling for $2.50-$3 a bunch.

Kumara supplies have increased and prices available for $2-$4 a kilo, depending on size.

Delicious served raw or cooked, fennels mild aniseed flavour teams superbly with pears, plums, oranges, potatoes, seafood, pork or chicken. Currently you can pick up Baby fennel bulbs for $2-$2.50 a bulb.

New season Queensland grown Shepard avocados are now instore and a top buy at $2-$2.50 each. A pear-shaped avocado with a creamy flesh, this avocado does not oxidise (go brown) when cut, so it is ideal for adding to salads that need to be made ahead of time. Late season Hass avocados are $2.50-$4 each.


FlowersThere’s no denying the romanticism of gifting a beautiful bouquet of red roses to one’s lover on Valentine’s Day. However, if you’re looking for something a little less clichéd on February 14, there are plenty of alternatives to the classic red rose that are equally as romantic. Tropical are a striking look, bird of paradise and heliconia. In native’s banksias and proteas are have a long vase life. Softer classics in season in February include gerbera, zinnia, Iris, tuberose, David Auston roses, tuberoses, coloured roses, sunflowers, dahlias, celosia, daisies, lavender, hydrangea, lisianthus and Oriental lilies are simply gorgeous.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, Marketing Consultant on 02 9325 6200. Please credit source if republishing images or copy.

Published On 2019-02-11 13:15:00

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