Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
1 - 7 NOVEMBER 2021


Fruit Succulent tropically grown mangoes are extremely delicious. Consider buying a tray and sharing them with family and friends. Mangoes are a top buy at $2-$5 each depending on size and even more economical by the tray. Select from Kensington Pride, Calypso and R2E2 varieties.

The fabulous run-on blueberries continue with punnets still available for $2-$5 each, depending on size. Blueberries are an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C sprinkle them in salads both sweet and savoury for a burst of sweetness.

Bananas make the perfect snack - they’re convenient and brilliant value at $2-$5 a kilo. For the world’s most delicious smoothie, blend bananas, strawberries, two tablespoons of honey, malted milk and skim milk.

Avocados are cholesterol-free, are high in vitamins B6, E and folic acid and are a valuable source of vitamin C and potassium. Creamy avocados are $1-$3 each.

Sun-ripened golden pineapples are succulent and sweet. Did you know that pineapples do not ripen after harvesting and the best indication of sweetness is a fragrant aroma? Enjoy a Queensland pineapple this week for $3-$6 each depending on variety and size.

Juicy yellow and white-fleshed peaches and nectarines are from the NSW North Coast, Hawkesbury and Renmark. Depending on size, variety and flesh colour, your local greengrocer will have stone fruit for $6-$20 a kilo, depending on variety and size.

Fragrant, juicy orange-flesh rockmelons have a delicate musky aroma. Fruit is currently coming to us from growers in Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia. Pick up a rockmelon this week for $2-$5 each, depending on size. Team rockmelon with prosciutto, chilli, peppery rocket or salty feta cheese for a savoury course.

The first sightings of new season cherries and apricots at the Sydney Markets means that fruit will be available at your local greengrocer this week. Depending on the varieties cherries are from Victoria and Hillston will be $15-$50 a kilo, and golden Southern Australian apricots are $10-$30 a kilo.

Plump juicy lemons are $3-$5 a kilo. Whisk together the juice of a lemon with olive oil, crushed garlic, a pinch of salt and sugar for an easy all-natural homemade salad dressing.


Vegetables Tender, flavoursome Victorian grown asparagus is delicious eating and top value at $1.50-$2.50 a bunch. Whether it’s a backyard lunch or having friends over this asparagus, tomato and haloumi salad makes a tasty side dish.

Snap up the last of the tasty broad beans at $4-$6 a kilo. Remove bean from the pod, shell a second time, and then simmer in until just tender. Broad beans team superbly with chicken, lamb, mushrooms, feta, mint, potatoes and artichokes.

Celery adds crunch and flavour to a great range of salads and stir-fries and its juicy flesh teams well with creamy dips. Choose crisp pale green celery with fresh-looking leaves. Pop a bunch to the trolley for $3-$4 a bunch.

Lebanese cucumbers are a top buy at $2-$3 a kilo, and Telegraph cucumbers are $2-$3 each. Adding sliced cucumbers to this Vietnamese cabbage, carrot and chicken salad adds a refreshing crunch and boasts the fibre content.

Asian leafy greens are quick to cook, versatile and super nutritious. Add them to your favourite stir-fry for only $1.50-$2 a bunch.

Carrots are a thrifty and versatile veggie that is delicious enjoyed raw or cooked. This healthy salad is a mid-week winner carrot, tomato and chicken quinoa salad. Carrots are a bargain at $2-$2.50 a kilo.

Grab a (1.5 kilo) bag of brown onions this week for $2-$3 a kilo. No barbecue is complete without the aroma of onions. Caramelise sliced onions and add to a pizza topping with pancetta and creamy feta.

Springtime is the time to dust of the BBQ and enjoy outdoor cooking. Jumbo flat mushroom burgers provide plenty of juicy flavours, a rich source of B group vitamins and a boost of vitamin D; simply brush with olive oil, add chopped garlic or chilli and cook for a few minutes on a heated barbecue plate or frying pan. Mushrooms are $8-$12 a kilo.

Boast your meals flavour and healthy value with fresh herbs for $2-$3 a bunch. Use leaves in salads, juices and rice paper rolls. Coriander and mint are delicious used singly or in combination. This coriander, mint and lime chicken noodle salad is a fresh and tasty mid-week meal.

Spice up meals with chillies. Long red and green chillies vary in heat from about 3-4/10 and offer a good all-round chilli with a mild flavour. The red ones are slightly sweeter. Slice and add red chilli to all sorts of salads, pasta sauces and stir-fries. Add green chillies to salsas, curries and marinades.

Super crisp Baby Cos lettuce is the classic lettuce of choice for a Caesar salad. Pick up a Cos lettuce and a BBQ chicken and toss together this tasty and easy to make a salad. Baby Cos Lettuces are $3-$4 for a twin pack and a traditional large Cos is $2-$3 each.


Flowers It is time to visit your local florist and pick up a bunch of something beautiful for your home. In season favourites include locally grown chincherinchee, lilac, ranunculus, gerbera, lily of the valley, pieris, lotus pods, sunflowers, Beehive ginger, rose lilies, red and white waratahs, Australian grown peonies and hydrangea, lisianthus, freesia, roses, fragrant Boronia, sweet pea, snap dragon, delphinium, Geraldton wax and pin cushions.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, tel 0438 725 453

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