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Top 10 cancer protection fruit and veg

Posted on Jul 11, 2017  | Tags: cancer protection, anti cancer, cancer, fruit and vegetables, good for you

Cancer. It lurks about in everyone’s lives: Whether it’s you, someone close to you, a friend or a friend of a friend, it’s unlikely that there’s an adult on this planet who doesn’t know or know of someone fighting cancer right now.

This year an estimated 134,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia, and while it might seem like everyone’s names are included in an unlucky draw and may be called out at any time, we can do something to reduce the risk of getting it. Experts from The World Health Organisation estimate at least one-third of all cancer cases are preventable, and more than half of all cancers could be prevented through a combination of healthy lifestyle and regular screening.

There are the obvious things we can do to prevent cancer, like not smoking and protecting our skin from the sun, but maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise are equally important to protect against many other types of cancer.

Once again we find that a regular trip to the local greengrocer to increase consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables is an important strategy to maintain good health.

Worldwide, an estimated 374,000 cancer deaths each year are attributed to low fruit and vegetable intake and here in Australia research suggests only 5.1% of Australian adults eat the recommended intake of 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit a day.

There are both direct and indirect benefits to cancer prevention when we increase our consumption to the recommended 5 and 2 serves a day. Directly, they contain a cocktail of phytochemicals, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which studies show work synergistically to protect against a range of cancers. Indirectly, they are nutrient dense and low in energy (kJ) and, when eaten in preference to less nutritious, high kJ, junk food they help to maintain a healthy weight. Studies show the rising incidence of obesity correlates to the rising numbers with cancer. Excess fat around the stomach and obesity are well-documented risk factors for some cancers of the stomach, bowel, breast, oesophagus, liver, kidney, gallbladder, pancreas, ovary and prostate.


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