Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
19 - 25 June 2017


Brussels sprouts are top of the class for all round nutrition, supplying dietary fibre, potassium and a range of vitamins (A, C, E and four of the B complex vitamins) so at $2-$3 a kilo they are good value. Cook until a vibrate green, never to olive green , try them teamed with a Spicy Chorizo Sausage and Crispy Breadcrumb the extra spice and crunchy texture makes them truly delicious. Check out the purple Brussel sprouts also available at your local greengrocer.

Fennel at $1-$2 a head is top value. Try pan-frying slices of fennel in oil and garlic until tender, cooking fennel makes it sweet eating. Toss through cooked spaghetti with chopped fennel leaves and toasted pine nuts with grape tomatoes or warm up with this Braised Fennel, Lemon & Thyme Chicken.

Cauliflowers flourish in the cool weather and this week snow white cauliflowers are $2-$4 a head. Microwave, steam, stir-fry or boil, until just tender for the best flavour. Warm up with a tasty Cauliflower and Bacon Soup.

When purchasing celeriac choose, firm, small to medium size roots that weigh heavy for their size. Size varies from 250g-750g. Expect to pay $7-$10 each depending on size.

Heat up your wok and toss together a healthy stir-fry rich in Asian leafy green vegetables. They are inexpensive, packed with vitamins and quick to cook. At $1-$1.50 a bunch, these mild flavoured vegetables are delicious steamed or tossed in the wok as part of a stir-fry. Pop a few bunches of bok choy, choy sum or gai lum in the trolley this week.

Loved for their soft, oniony flavour and lovely aroma, leeks are used as a base for a stew or braise, as you would onions. Leeks are perfect for featuring in a vegetable pie or team with potato, pumpkin, carrot or celeriac to make a creamy soup. Leeks are $1.50-$3 stem.

Enjoy zucchini raw or cooked. Stir-fry, steam, microwave or boil. Add to ratatouille, soups, ragouts, frittata, or sauté slices in olive oil and garlic. Medium sized zucchini are selling for $3-$5 a kilo, larger sizes on special.


Smooth and creamy Hass avocados are the perfect accompaniment to a Spicy Potato Wedges or chilli con carne. Over whip up a café style breakfast at home with this Avocado, Ricotta & Tomato Smash On Toast. Avocados are $2-$4 each.

Naturally scrumptious pears are a choice buy. You can enjoy Josephine, Packham and Beurre Bosc pears this week for $2-$4 a kilo, depending on variety and size. Try our mouth-watering Roasted Pears with Florentine Cream it is simply to prepare and a winter treat.

A beautiful-looking apple with flavour to match, the Pink Lady is the preferred eating apple of many Aussies for its sweet yet tart taste, juiciness and crisp texture. Pink Lady apples are plentiful this week and selling for $3-$7 a kilo, depending on size and quality.

At $3-$4 per bunch rhubarb is simply perfect for making hot fruit desserts. The ruby red stem when cooked turns a shade of pink. Because rhubarb is so tart, it is almost always eaten cooked and sweetened. Try our Roasted Rhubarb with passionfruit mascarpone.

Make the most of the quality lemons that are available mid-winter by making a delectable lemon flavoured dessert such as a steaming hot lemon delicious or lemon meringue pie. Or try making preserved lemons to serve with spicy Moroccan style dishes. Lemons are $2-$5 a kilo.

Creamy energy giving bananas make an ideal quick and easy snack. Use extra ripe bananas in curries to sweeten or make a homemade Banana Cake. Cavendish bananas are the most popular banana in Australia, and this week Queensland grown fruit is $3-$5 a kilo.

Deliciously juicy and flavoursome mandarins are still fabulous value at $2-$5 a kilo.


There is a wonderful selection of winter blooms available this week, check out tulips, lavender, hyacinth, poppies, orchids, chrysanthemum, tulips, kale, jonquils, stock, delphinium, sweet peas, orientals, iris, spray roses, anthurium flower, vanda orchids, posy orchids, leather fern, emu grass, gymea leaves. Mix flowers with interesting foliage to create a stunning display.

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Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, Retail Support Manager on tel 0438 725 453.

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